Agile Plugins



Since Space aims to provide the ecosystem for driving projects, may be it could be a good idea to:

  1. Make plugins and their marketplace for Space (Atlassian, duh).
  2. Make most popular Agile frameworks - Scrum and Kanban - support in a form of plugins (IMHO, these plugins could modify the Project - Checklists page look)

Hi Roman,

We already have plans for providing a market place as well as things around Agile project management.




Is there any ETA for Agile support? We area considering move from Jira+Confluence+Bitbucket to Space, but we area missing Agile boards...


Same here ! ETA would be great.
The api is already great but would need some work for porting everything a tool that does it for us would be much appreciated


Hello Haldyr, Jeremy

The agile board is planned for Space 1.0, we're planning a lot of enhancements for the issue tracking, planning and project management functionality. Space 1.0 is planned for 2020, that's the best estimate we can provide for now. We're working on the roadmap now to provide you with more details. 


Please make any Agile enhancement really agile and not specifically tailored to the single "Scrum" interpretation of  the Agile principles and manifesto.  

General purpose, flexible, integrated Kanban boards (like Trello) are always a good tool, though.  

Good support for the DevOps development philosophy, for instance, would be much desired.



Valerie Andrianova Do "Planning and Management functionalities" include features like timed checklists, tasks and milestones implementation, correlations between checklists, issues, milestones and tasks, Gantt views, assign task/issues to entire teams etc?


A Meloni Ss 99, in general, the answer is YES. However, I would prefer to discuss each feature separately:

  • Integration between the checklists and issues, the ability to create an issue from the checklist item in one click is coming soon.
  • Due dates/milestones in the checklist - planned for the future
  • Due dates/milestones in issues - yes, already in progress. 
  • Gantt view - not planned for now and I cannot say that it will be Gantt view, but we'll provide the functionality to plan tasks/issues in time.

Thanks for the clearing Valerie Andrianova!

About the Gantt view, then, I was thinking that wasn't necessary and that just being able to see issues due dates and milestones on the project calendar, rather than just meetings would be great. 

Congratulation for the work anyway. Cannot wait to see the final result!!!


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