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Hello, I was lucky enough to get EAP access, so I am playing around with all the features now.

Some first impressions.

(1) As someone with more of a developer role, the first thing I looked for but was missing was direct access to issues (ie. assigned to me) from the landing page.

(2) Another thing I noticed, was that on the project page the Code Review boxes (Authored By Me, Open, Closed, ...) contain counters of the number of hits; however, the Issues boxes (Open, Resolved, Assigned to me, ...) do not.

(3) I personally would be able to define custom searches (ie. Code Review / Issues) and decide which ones are pinned to the start page / project page.

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Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback, we do appreciate it. Issues are ina very early stage at the moment. Everything you described, including the customizable Dashboard, is on our list. We'll do our best to deliver everything as fast as possible. We'll share the update when it's available. Thanks!





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