My staff and external clients won't leave Github Issues without their massive Issues list. Can they be imported?

Hi, Space looks almost perfect for me.


I really need the ability to "seed" issues with a project setup linked to Github. We've also got external clients that need to add issues to Github from time to time as well. Is it possible to import and automatically sync github issues, just like we do with the repo / commits? Or could it ever be in the pipeline?


Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for your feedback.

Unfortunately, synchronization with GitHub issues is not available at the moment. We don't have this feature on our roadmap at the moment, but we do listen and process your feedback, so thanks for sharing. It will be possible to create such integration in the future using Space extensibility options.


I need the same but for gitlab - both issues and merge requests would be nice.


Hi! We're planning to provide import functionality for the issues by the release of Space 1.0. Synchronization is not planned at the moment.


This is great news! Maybe a 3rd party web hook of some kind can sync Github/lab issues into Space


Valerie Andrianova Hi! Any update on when this functionality will be added to Space? Anything we can do to speed up this process? I have imported a repository and no issues have been imported. Thank you


Hi, I too would like to know about importing issues. I don't want to ahve to to retype 200issues (and other folks I know have much bigger lists!)



Hi everyone! Though there's no out-of-the-box importing tool for GitHub issues so far, it's already possible to use Space API for doing it. Please refer to the following blog post for the detailed instructions:


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