Clone, Edit, and Push Space Repository From Pipeline

I'm running a pipeline from an agent on a space pipeline, which tests an app, builds a docker image, and deploys it to the registry. Additionally, I aim to have this app deployed on my kubernetes cluster. For this I've adopted a GitOps approach - meaning that I have another repository (hosted by Space as well) where I have all my gitops information, where I aim to basically just change the image tag definition.

So basically, I have app-repo and gitops-repo. The first has a .space.kts file which has the pipeline definition. In it, I want to clone the gitops-repo and do the aforementioned changes. Cloning was possible by configuring the command as such

git -c http.extraheader="Authorization: Bearer ${'$'}JB_SPACE_CLIENT_TOKEN" clone

I then modify the files, and after adding and committing the changes, at the moment of pushing in a similar fashion I get this error

fatal: could not read Username for '': No such device or address

I tried configuring the git's “” and “” but it didn't help. 

So in general… has anyone found a way to push to another space repository from a pipeline which was not the one that triggered the job?


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