What's happening with communications?

Up until the end of last year, communications for Space were great - detailed and consistent. Since last year, there haven't been any product releases, general news, roadmap updates or community engagement. 

Will regular communications return or does this reflect a change in priorities at JetBrains?

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This concerns me. I have been evaluating the product for several weeks and am very happy with it. I am on the verge of committing to using it for our product development and moving our source code repositories over to Space hosting. I see no ‘news’ posts since late December 2023 and the out-of-date 2023-24 roadmap page. What is happening?


I'm very much concerned about this as well. The project just went full into silent mode, and it seems to be outright abandoned at this point. This could've been acceptable in beta, but Space was announced as a fully released product since 2023 now. All other products receive updates, JetBrains rolls out entirely new products, yet Space remains silent.


Fully agree; we started using it end of last year, but now it's very “silent”; I sent an email last week to space support asking about this, but haven't receive an answer.

Would also like to know what's going on…


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