CI/CD: file repository storage location, size, visibility


Trying to enable Bazel caching on Space following the instructions here:

Having created a write token for testing, I can see a small amount of traffic going to<company-domain>, but have no visibility into what is happening there. Bazel is reporting that it's using a remote cache, .bazelrc has the Space generated write token info. The Space UX says the cache has no files in it and is zero-bytes. This does not appear to be working? Is there any UX that shows the location of the store and how much space is available? 

If we can get this working, the next question would be what account to use on the CI/CD server. Is there a mechanism to create a token for a service account?

Thanks in advance



Adding build --remote_upload_local_results=true to the .bazelrc appears to fix the lack of upload.

That probably just leaves the question about how to configure a service account for use on the space ci-agents for pushing artifacts to the file repository?



It looks like we can use a Permanent Token and then pass that to the CI/CD job as a secret:

Please yell if this is not the case…it's an entirely new path here, thanks! :-)


It'd be good to have an option for the maximum file size.


For anyone going down this path, the blocker is that the nginx, that Space uses to upload files, is configured with an undocumented upper file size limit that gets hit early on for project and then nothing useful gets saved to the remote cache.

Also have the same problem with regular caches:


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