How do I force the password of the Space account?

There are two accounts in my organization in Space - Ya1 and Ya2. I am 1 created first. His password is known. It is necessary that I 1 forcibly reset the password I 2. How is this supposed to be done?

The standard procedure for resetting the password of Ya 2 does not work - his e-mail is not verified, when I click on the link from the password reset letter, I return to the login page. If I follow the link from the e-mail verification letter I 2, then I find myself on the login page again.


Igor Lytkin Hi,

Unfortunately, there is no way for the system administrator of a user with granted permissions to hard-reset a password for Space profile with unverified email.

I have briefly run a test for such possible screnario and the user with unverfieid email is able to reset the password on their own. I was unable to reproduce the behavior described with the starndard procedure. Could you please try to follow the steps below and check if they help to reset the password?

1. If you are using the same browser session for Ya1 and Ya2, please log off from any Space profile and make sure the general Login page is shown.

2. Click “Reset Password” there and provide the email address of Ya2. 

3. An email should be sent to Ya2 with a hyperlink to reset a password. Use it. You should be re-directed to a page to enter a new password. Once done the Ya2 user should be able to log in with newly generated password.

If there is some other behavior please tell me when it occurs along with your Space domain and Ya2 email address (if possible).



1. In the Space login form by Reset password, it would be good to have an error message if the specified e-mail is not associated with the Space account.
2. I receive a message with a link to the mailbox alias specified for Ya2 in the Space\General\Contact Details console
3. I click on the link and find myself back on the page with the Space login form.


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