Not able to connect apps to newly configured space

We followed docs to install Space into Kubernetes.
Connection from Browser works.
Not able to connect from any applications (most important gateway as we want to use remote development features)

Jetbrains Gateway logs show:
2023-11-14 18:47:54,316 [ 33194] INFO - c.i.s.c.SpaceWorkspaceComponent - A personal token was received
2023-11-14 18:48:54,700 [ 93578] WARN - circlet.platform.client.ApiService -
runtime.RpcTimeoutException: Request to Me/info has timed out after 60000ms
at circlet.platform.client.WebSocketTransport$rpc$2$timer$1.invokeSuspend(WebSocketTransport.kt:137)
at circlet.platform.client.WebSocketTransport$rpc$2$timer$1.invoke(WebSocketTransport.kt)
at circlet.platform.client.WebSocketTransport$rpc$2$timer$1.invoke(WebSocketTransport.kt)

Desktop Space app - does not go past login screen
mobile app show CSRF error

We configured altUrls as per docs with our domain name

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Opened support ticket at 2023-11-14, but no answer till now…


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