How to Setup Spaces with only IPs (no domain names)


I'm currently trying to set up a Spaces (Docker on prem local) for testing purposes.
This runs in a VM, so doesn't work.
I also tried following the instructions.
Set everything up with instead of an IP in the internal network.
But I still get the error message:

Unhandled client error while routing

Invalid JWT payload

How do I get this to work with an IP?


Jens Bosse, may I ask if you tried to delete the installation data and check if the error still occurs? (you can run docker compose -p space-on-premises down -v, but note that it will delete all the installation data)

Please also share your docker-compose and config files, so we have a better understanding of the installation changes.



Thanks for the reply.

I have now solved the problem so that we have now set up a *.local domain.
Normally we only work with IPs internally.


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