Space On-Premises Issue boards comment webhooks

I want to trigger a webhook in the comments on the issue board, Can space do this? 

For example, if I create an issue board, it will trigger the created event under the issue in the webhook.

Any help, Thanks!


Flyer Chenxin Hi,

There are no built-in webhook events for issue board actions. Could you please elaborate a bit more on the provided example? What is the goal behind having such an issue board creation event?

Thank you!


Because the chat channel of space is not applicable, we use Feishu, so some operations must send notifications to Feishu. I implement it through webhook. Create a new application in space's project > Settings > Applications, set webhooks, add Subscription, and select Source. Issues, Events, select Boards updated, Description updated, etc., set the Endpoint URL in Endpoint. This URL can receive the json of Payload: WebhookEvent and then forward it to Feishu, but when I submit a comment in the Issue Board, it is not triggered. I want to know. What should I do to know in Feishu that a new comment has been added to an Issue Board? (Feishu is a chat tool, similar to space chats).




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