Spacebox delete feed error

Deleting Spacebox feed does not delete the feed as expected. I get "Something went wrong" error
Expected Behavior: Spacebox feed data is deleted
Actual Behavior: Data is not deleted and a generic error message shows



Ducatikevin Hi,

It looks like we have a support request raised for the same issue under your profile. If you don't mind, let's continue working there. I will update this community thread once the solution will be found (for case refs). 


The YT ticket below was filed for this issue:

As a temporary workaround, the Space API can be used to delete the perfonal feed:

  1. Navigate to "Extensions -> API Playground".
  2. Make the "Get all personal feed" call to gather the feed ID.
  3. Run the "Delete personal feed" call to delete a specific feed by its ID.



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