[On-Prem / Docker] Windows docker image issues

Hello, I am trying to design a windows/linux continuous integration for c++ code using automation jobs and dockers.

So far I encountered 2 docker-windows specific issues:

  1. When I try to specify a windows image in a job.container it fails at runtime because something tries to create a "bridge docker network" which seems to be forbidden on windows. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?
  2. When I modify ".space.kts" file Space rebuilds it automatically. I have two space worker agents: one for linux and one for windows. If by misfortune the windows one is chosen to build the kotlin script it fails because when docker windows engine is running, it cannot spawn the kotlin DSL builder container (which most likely runs on a linux image). Is it possible to specify a "preferred" agent to build kotlin scripts? Or maybe tag the windows one to avoid it to be chosen?

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C Grun, thanks for reaching out to us! Could you please share the worker logs with the errors you mentioned? Additionally, the .space.kts script may also be helpful for further investigation.


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