Cannot clone repository of space in intelliJ


I cannot "set git http password" in intelliJ for clone space repository.

When accessing it on the web, the repository creation is working fine, and commits are also functioning properly in Sourcetree.


Jinstech Hi!

Please make sure the Space username is provided as it is defined under the "Contacts Details" section of your Space profile. Do you use the Space profile password there? 

You can generate an application password and pass it there:

In addition, you might find useful the Space plugin. Once installed and logged in, it will show a new Space entity on the VCS cloning window and all the Space repositories will be listed there. JFYI: on the login attempt, the plugin will ask to provide different permission scopes for your Space instance. Once done, the appropriate data will be stored in your Space profile -> Preferences -> Security -> Authorized Applications section. 


Thank you for reply.

I still have a problem.


My profile is 

My password is set here.

And I try to



But it;s not working.




Could you please let me know your Space organization name? What permissions are granted in "Your Space account -> Preferences -> Security -> Authorised Applications -> IntelliJ Space Plugin"?



Could you please check if the issue still appears? If it does, please collect and share the logs from IDEA ( Help -> Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data). 


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