Import issue with creator and creationdatetime (HTTP API)

We want to migrate from our old issue tracker to space and import the issues from the old system.

We need most of the information on the issues in the old system in space too. That includes the creation date and creator.Unfortunately there seems to be no possibililty to set creation date and creator of an issue, neither in the import nor in the create API endpoints.

We also would like to be able to specify the issue number on importing because we want to keep the Issue-Id's from the old system. As a workaround be could import die issues sequentially by id and then delete the "gap" issues. thats quite a hassle though and it would be much easier just to be able to set the issue number.

Are you planning to improve the import capabilities in space any time soon?

I also recently imported Jira's issues into Space. I transferred Issue using HTTP API of Space using C#. I think Space's HTTP API is quite easy to learn and use.

It would be nice if there was a GUI-style import system, but I think it would be a distant future story.

You are right, Space HTTP API is great, it's what I'm actually using.
My issue is about the HTTP API, should have mentioned that more clearly.


Hi Olga

Our old issue tracker is Trac (

I don't expect a ready to use import solution from trac, I'm happy to implement the migration myself using the Space API.

The problem I'm facing is that the API doesn't allow me to set certain properties of an issue that are needed for importing existing data. For example the creator or creation datetime (and a lot of other properties) are not settable via API.

When it comes to importing it would also be useful to be able to set the Issue Number, as mentioned above.

So it would be important to have "import" specific API endpoints that can set more properties of an issue than the "normal" API that is more targeted to create new issues or modify existing ones.


Samuel Iseli

Yes, the improvments planed for the Issue Import method should help to cover all the requirments described in this thread. 


Sounds good!

Any idea when these improvements will be released?
I have to plan our migration process.


Hello Jetbrains

The issue import method doesn't seem to offer any advantage over the normal issue create at the time being.

Is there way I can modify the creationTime and createdBy properties of an issue?
Should I try to write directly to the database?
What would you recommend when importing a large existing backlog from another tool?

What are the plans for improving Issue import?
Do you have an idea when the improvements of the Issue import features are released?



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