equipment? dev environments?

equipment: This menu item appears in the 'admin' menu but only shows an empty list. What's it for?

dev environments: this gives me a 404. Should I be concerned?


This is an on-prem install running in aws/eks. Besides these 2 things it seems ok.


Ethrbunny, do you mean the Dev Environments item is included in the Administration menu? If so, could you please share the screenshot and the Space version?

As for the Equipment item, it's part of a Locations functionality, so it's absolutely fine to have it there.


equipment: understood. strange UI placement but whatever.

dev env: 


Ethrbunny, thanks! We'll remove this link from the UI, as the RDE functionality is not supported in Space On-Premises so far. Feel free to ignore it in the current version, it won't affect anything.


Is RDE available for on-prem yet?


Brooke Hedrick Hi,

No, unfortunately, RDE is not available with the On-Premise solution yet. Feel free to follow the updates in


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