Android automation fail

Im getting these error on automation when tried to build android app:

Failed to start: Compose up finished with exit code: 1. Output: --no-ansi option is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. Use `--ansi never` instead. Pulling 1hgZXP0YE81P-27Yj2F1z0xdX-2BzavD01Os6o ( error parsing HTTP 404 response body: invalid character 'N' looking for beginning of value: "Not Found".

xxxx= mycompanyname

key= company key


Qtjambiii, could you please provide the entire automation script? As for the image, could you confirm that it exists in the corresponding Docker registry in your Space project?


Hi i was able to run automate. Just changed de image name to docker 'androidsdk/android-31'. But each automation takes 21minutes, exits a way of reduce these time execution? With bitbucket pipelines the build just take 5 minutes. 

job("Build and publish bundle to internal track") {
// disable gitPush job trigger
startOn {
gitPush { enabled = false }
container("Build and publish", "androidsdk/android-31") {
env["GOOGLE_SA_KEY"] = Secrets("google_sa_key")
env["KEY_STORE"] = Secrets("key_store")
env["KEY_STORE_PASSWORD"] = Secrets("key_store_password")
env["KEY_PASSWORD"] = Secrets("key_password")
env["KEY_ALIAS"] = Params("key_alias")
shellScript {
content = """
echo Get private signing key...
echo Excecution_number ${'$'}JB_SPACE_EXECUTION_NUMBER
echo ${'$'}KEY_STORE > upload_key.hex
echo Get Google service account key...
echo ${'$'}GOOGLE_SA_KEY > google_sa_key.hex
xxd -plain -revert google_sa_key.hex google_sa_key.json
echo Build and publish AAB...
./gradlew publishReleaseBundle --release-status completed

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