[OnPremKubernetes] Automation Script not getting processed

Hi again, 

we are currently trying to get a build-pipeline running on a self-hosted worker (not through computeservice).

We have a raspberryPi running the worker binaries and it can connect to space and gets recognized correctly.
But the script we wanted to use to test it doesn't get processed at all by space.

All we get is the message "Waiting for Space to finish checking the script" when opening the corresponding commit and checking the automation tab. 

This is the script. What are we doing wrong here?

* JetBrains Space Automation
* This Kotlin-script file lets you automate build activities
* For more info, see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/space/automation.html

job("TEST") {
  requirements {
    workerPool = WorkerPools.SELF_HOSTED
  host {
    shellScript {
      interpreter = "/bin/bash"
      content = """
      echo Hello World!

DId you ever manage to get this working?


Soren Bollingh, do you have a similar issue? May I ask you to check the logs both in the Space pod and the automation worker itself? Are there any errors or exceptions? Thanks!


Space is unable to process my automation script, but I just used an example that should work. And it is not showing any executable jobs in the user interface.


Soren Bollingh, what about the logs from the Space pod and the automation worker? Could you please share the outputs with me?


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