Worker - Docker MTU value


We're using the Default Worker for job automation inside our Kubernetes env.

We have issues with connection timeouts inside containers. Here is an example job definition:

    container(displayName = "Run mvn", image = "maven:latest") {
        env["HUB_USERNAME"] = Params("xyz")
        env["HUB_PASSWORD"] = Secrets("xyz")
        shellScript {
            content = """
                set -e -x -u
                mvn clean install package -X -s settings.xml -DhubUsername=${'$'}HUB_USERNAME -DhubPassword=${'$'}HUB_PASSWORD


And this is the error:

Caused by: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to [] failed: Read timed out

We have debugged this and its related due lower MTU settings on the host machines (1350).

One solution could be to add a parameter for passing extra arguments (in our case --network=host) to the "docker run" command.
Another one to pass a MTU value to the network creation process: --opt

Are there any workarounds or solutions to do that?

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Could you please let us know what Kubernetes distribution you use?
Additional information about the network for Kubernetes and your Default Worker is also very appreciated.

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