Space OAuth 2.0 Error unauthorized_client

OAuth 2.0 Error
Unregistered Redirect URI. Client service "Space Web UI" requests authorization entity for the URI which is not registered for the service: If you are the owner of the client service and the suspicious URI does belong to "Space Web UI", please add this URI to the list of "Redirect URIs" in the service settings.

The error message above is what I am getting after deploying space version:


The first test deployment went perfectly well. But this was 2 months ago, and now I am ready to showcase what is possible with Space to the team and , apparently, something was changed and nothing works after all containers are up and running. 


Christian - hi,

Could you please check alternative URLs?

Could you please also provide a bit more details on the installation you have? Is it Docker or K8? Please feel free to file a support request here if it is more comfortable for you to discuss installation details privately.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Hi Margarita, can you explain more about please check “alternative URLs?“ what is it and what need to change? Because the error message is quite vague. The deployment is docker compose, so no K8. As I said, I have Deployed it successfully in the past without issues at all.


the fix seems to be here, "" as the instance binds to the default private IP of, which makes it unusable if attempting to access it remotely.

in short change modify varies config files to reflect your network information.


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