My jetbrains space not loading in firefox with error "The application failed to load. Try again"

Browser Firefox 105.0 (64-bit), OS: Ubuntu. When I try to enter my after about a minute I see an error in the console:


Object { "message_8yp7un$_0": "DateTimeException: Unknown time-zone ID: Europe/Kyiv", "cause_th0jdv$_0": {}, stack: "n/</e.captureStack@\nRi@\nIi@\nLi@\nn/</h$.IllegalArgumentException_init_dbl4no$@\nge@\ni/qi.prototype.of_61zpoe$@\nFl@\nI$@\nH$@\nhm@\n8035/<@\n8035@\n__webpack_require__@\n18289@\n__webpack_require__@\n88350@\n__webpack_require__@\n__webpack_exports__<@\n__webpack_require__.O@\n@\n@\n", name: "IllegalTimeZoneException" }


And "The application failed to load. Try again" in browser tab. Attempts to clear cookies, cache, go in incognito mode did not give anything. At the same time, for the test, I even installed Google Chrome. Everything works in it. It is very inconvenient to use another browser for one tab.

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Viktor - hi, Thank you for reaching out to us! We already have a fix for this case internally, and it will be applied to the cloud with the next deployment, although there is no exact ETA for that. I apologize for the inconvenience, please use another browser or Space desktop application. Thank you for your desire to make Space better! Please do not hesitate to report any issues you see. Margarita Kolotilova JetBrains The Drive to Develop

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