Create code reviews automatically


I have created an External Mirror to one of my remote git repositories, on Space.
I am now looking for a functionality to automatically open reviews for each new commit that is being pushed to this repository.
And maybe set a reviewer for this code review as well.

More or less, I wish to replicate the following Upsource Workflows on Space, if possible: "Create reviews automatically", "Add revisions to reviews automatically" and "Assign review participants automatically".

So far I've only managed to open a Code Review manually.

I would really appreciate it if you could point me to the right direction.


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Hi Patsonievgenia, thanks for sharing your feedback! We have plans to support such workflows in the future. Meanwhile, it's necessary to create Merge Requests manually. Please stay tuned.

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Thank you for your answer Pavel Boger.

Do you maybe have an approximate timeline when these workflows will start being supported?

I am asking because we are considering of moving from Upsource to Space, but such features are crucial for Code Review processes.



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