What is lacking in Space Issue tracking compared to Youtrack?

I'm kicking off a new project and I can't decide to just go for Space because I am not sure I will miss essential functionality such as having child task etc.. I'm coming from Trello so please excuse my naiveté. Thanks 

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Thank you for reaching out to us!

Currently, Space doesn't support subtasks but we have this in our backlog as well as some other features that may interest you:

Although I would like to avoid providing any exact ETA, I'd like you to know that "Add integration between issues, commits and merge requests" and "Sub issues or tasks" are quite close.

Eventually, the difference between YouTrack and Space is significant. Space provides deeper integration of the issue tracking process with chats/checklists/TODOs/MRs/etc. Could you please elaborate a bit on what other features/functionality are important to your workflow so I can answer more accurately if Space suits your needs?


Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop


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