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Just a quick message to see if anyone can help. I am trying to run space and a npm package server and have this talk to my work computer. However my company have a program that re-signs certificates for security reason, so for many of the software i use i need to get certain addresses whitelisted.

I believe this is happening with the space package server, as when temperarly disabling the re-sign it works fine, but when enabled i get nothing. I have whitelisted and wildcarded anything after the / to allow it to talk to any jetbrains space package server, but it appears there may be somehting else that is also connecting to and unable to validate correctly.

Thanks for any assistance

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Hi Thomas, thanks for describing your use case. Could you please provide the exact error that you're getting when trying to build the project and accessing Space packages? What is the tool used for the build? What is the firewall and OS being used?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Hi Pavel

So the tool that is trying to pick these packages up is Unity, but have also tested on other IDEs and packages are not visible when on a company laptop (performing the exact same set up on a personal one gives me the intended results).

Unofrtuanlly i don't get any errors out of the process though, it just does not return any information when trying to retrieve package information.

The OS is windows 10, in terms of firewall I know there is a Windows defender firewall, but i believe there are additional ones as well. Where i believe the problem lies (cause we have had it before with jetbrains and other companies software), is there is a service called zscaler that is resigning certificates from the computer, as expected end servers are then rejecting these certificates as they are unexpectedly signed, I can white list addresses so this does not happen, but not 100% sure what i need to whitelist to achieve the result. Hopefully this makes some sense and thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi Thomas, thanks for your patience! Could you please also try to include the following address to the whitelist?


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