Automation: how to use docker image from private project's package repository?


Perhaps, I missed something, but I didn't found any example or guide how to use an image from Jetbrains package repository in an automation script.

Here is an example:

also there are two env varaibles:

But it's not clear how these vars should be assigned/used.

Do space automation job creates those credentials automatically ?
Should I login into project's package repository manually inside job ?

Finally it doesn't work for me:

job("Build and run tests") {
container("") {
mountDir = "/mnt/space"
workDir = "/mnt/space/work"

kotlinScript { api ->
api.gradlew("build --init-script $mountDir/system/gradle/init.gradle")

failed due to:

Container(s) failed to start: main: CannotPullContainerError: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: access to repository p/xxx


Hi Sergei, my colleague has just added a comment in the issue you created. Could you please check it?


Hi Pavel, sure. Already answered.


I am having the same issue with a manually pushed docker image within the same project. Did you manage to find a solution?


Hi Ignat,

I have no issue with manual pushing (yet), I cannot push images from automation jobs only. I filled the ticket (link above) - not yet resolved.


Hi Sergei

I found a way to get the image to pull from a space registry

Go to System Settings > Pacakge Repositories and attach the repo to your project. 

You will get a project registry link with the containers in it which automation can be used.


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