Support of multiple workspaces

I work for multiple companies and would love to have a feature to quickly switch between different spaces, similar to the workspace integration in Slack.


While I vote on the two tickets above, I just wanted to put here that this is probably the ONLY reason that I wouldn't be able to adopt Space right now. I have multiple clients and would need a workspace for each in order to convince them to make the switch. Therefore, I would need to switch between clients rapidly, sometimes many times per day. As it is currently, I would have to logout and login each time I wanted to switch workspaces under different emails. Ideally, I would be able to have various workspaces "open" in a similar way that Slack does it with their chat accounts. Thank you! (Please advise if there are any other open tickets for the desktop version or web version, I only see the iOS and IDE versions above. Thanks!) 


Same here I'd like to be able to have an IDE project linked to a Space-org would be really brilliant.

So pycharm project-1 would like to Space-Org-A and pycharm project-2 would be linked to Space-Org-B as an example



Hi! Thank you for the feedback!

Please feel free to vote for the related tickets and subscribe to further changes:


Would love to see this capability. Also would like to be able to switch between space instances in PhpStorm as well so I don't have to sign out and back in everytime.


Great! I went ahead and voted for each of them.


I think there is more to this than context-switching from one org or workspace to another. My calendar should be my calendar across all orgs/workspaces, and any changes to it should reflect all orgs/workspaces so that everyone knows when I am free or busy, regardless of the org/worksapce. Rhis lack of support for multiple logins is the biggest frustration for Microsoft Teams. It should called Team. Not having multiple orgs is a frustrating limitation.


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