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Considering many companies already use G Suite to manage things like calendar and contacts, I'm wondering if space will integrate with those instead of trying to have its own contact list if company already has G Suite?


Hi Matej,

Yes, we are already working on adding an integration with G Suite.


This is great news, our company is very attached to G Suite calendars


What exactly are the planned integration features? I could see the following things that would be very interesting for us:

  1. Import google calendar feeds on a per resource level (e.g. conference room calendars)
  2. Write to google calendar (e.g. if conference rooms are primary managed through google calendar)
  3. Independent of google itself: being able to subscribe to individual, team and resource calendar feeds (so I can import them in other tools etc)

Hi Florian,

it will be pretty much as you've described it.

We are going to add two-way synchronization with Google Calendar which is based on resource mapping between Space locations and Google Calendar rooms. It would synchronize calendar events as well as room parameters, like equipment and room capacity.

We're also going to broadcast Space calendar events via the CalDav protocol to make it possible to subscribe to them.


That sounds great. Is there already any timeline for this when this will be rolled out? I think as soon as we have that we can convince some of the teams more easily to migrate to spaces (so far it looks really great)


Unfortunately, there is no timeline so far. We are already working on this integration but there are a lot of things to be done.


How about slack integration option which is already on the list but seems to have no effect?


Hopefully this isn't too far off topic, but would you be planning a similar integration with Exchange calendars?


Hi, Scott! There are currently no plans about integration with Exchange.


That's a shame, but I appreciate the update :)


Long-time "All Access" user of JetBrains tools here, and eager to move into Space for our startup's devops/projmgmt needs.

Unfortunately, lack of GCal integration is basically a total show-stopper for our using Space, because we're not interested or can spare effort for migrating / synchronizing users' existing calendar and contact information between GCal and Space -- nor dealing with drift as Space calendar accretes data not in GCal.  As far as I can see, if we started keeping any calendar-related info in Space currently, drift and need for synch would be nigh-inevitable, hence show-stopper.

Any sort of rough timetable as to when Space is expected to offer, at minimum, two-way GCal integration would be incredibly valuable.  Were it not for that, we'd otherwise subscribe, move in and start using Space for project mgmt, issue tracking, SCCS, CI/CV, etc. immediately.  The only thing really holding us back is that inevitability of users' creating/using Space calendar data distinct from our existing GCal data, and all the resultant headaches.

Thanks!  Really LOVE the concept, price model, etc. otherwise, but feels a bit premature releasing without GSuite & Exchange calendar integration support.

-John Wiederhirn


Any idea of an ETA on this? 

Really would love my calendar(s) syncing, and when (private todo's are added, having them sync with tasks would be nice but from essential)


Yes, also curious about the status of this. If working good with the new integrated GSuite experience this is a killer feature.


Any updates on ETA for this functionality?

Is there a JIRA ticket for the feature?

Basically lack of GCal integration is kind of a deal-breaker for our org, as we're unwilling to have two separate calendar/scheduling systems in use.




Hi John, thanks for the question! I'm afraid, we only have an internal task for this feature :( I'd suggest that you subscribe to this thread, so I could post an update here, as soon as the feature is ready. Would this work for you?


Curious about this as well, this is a dealbreaker for my team until we have at least the Google Calendar integration. 


I just want to add my support to this ticket. I've ended up missing a few meetings since the calendar notifications are only available inside the app and not synchronised with all my other tools. While the feature described by Nadezhda in 2019 are nice, simply being able to view the events on a GCal or Outlook calendar would be brilliant right now.


Just chiming in to add my support as well. Integrated GCal would be huge for us! We've been considering upgrading to Enterprise in order to use the Absence approval system, and GCal integration would make Absence approval extremely attractive...


Hey there peoples! I see this is almost 3 months old and very little in the way of updates. Is it possible to get some real world handle on what rough time frame this might be released? Are we talking 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 5 years etc etc.. I think we could manage with Space IF, and its a big if, we could be confident that GSuite/GCal would be supported in some reasonable timeframe. 

Any chance we could get some ballpark figures here? :) 


@Nadezhda Ratckevich
Hey, is there any ETA for GCalendar sync?
2023 is coming...


Funny enough Vasiliy Sumatokhin, l was just wondering the same thing. Only thing stopping us from pulling the trigger and moving forward


@...  Can we please have an update?


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