Space Desktop keeps logging out

We use the Space Desktop app installed via Toolbox. 

But every single week, every team member has to log in again, because members are logged out randomly. 

This is really annoying because Space Desktop is a webapp running in a container, so there are no autocomplete of username/password. And the “Remember me” checkbox on login page obvious does not work. 


Morten Hi,

Space has settings that define the re-login period. Try to adjust them to a longer period and check if the issue still persists. The settings can be found on the “Administration → Auth modules → Settings” page.


Thanks a lot! I was looking for a setting like this in the doc, but did not find it.


Hi Oleg Beriashvili, what about the “Remember me” functionality? It seems to not do anything at the moment, will that be addressed?

JetBrains Space Desktop, Version 2023.1.7 (2023.1.7.172659) 

Hi! We have this "remember me" issue in the backlog but no ETA is available now. Please feel free to upvote the issue and subscribe to its further changes

Hi Margarita Kolotilova, I feel like it's not really cool to not have an ETA for something that's a) quite a useful feature and b) clearly broken even though it's showing in the UI.

We have set the login expiry to a longer date, and yet we were still logged out, so again the “Remember me” functionality would really have come in handy.

We are planning on moving onto your paid plan, but things like these really don't instill confidence.


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