When I create a repository is it available to the public by default?

I am new just learning about Spaces/Git.

I am just testing python code and want to save it to Spaces. I connected Pycharm to it an all appears to work.

But is the Code I'm sending to Spaces available for all to see like an Open Source Project?

If so how do I make it private?

It's just me testing so I don't need nor want to share yet. Just protect my code from my own errors and revert if needed.


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Neal Hi,

No, the Git repositories are not visible or accessible outside of your Space organization. 

Git repositories live inside Space projects and there are two visibility options for projects (Internal and Restricted). Internal projects are available for all organization members in your Space instance. While the restricted projects are accessible only to this project members or users who were granted specific permissions. 

The blog post below might be useful for understanding the visibility of different entities in Space: https://blog.jetbrains.com/space/2021/03/08/visibility-in-space/#GitrepositoryvisibilityinSpace


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