Is Space available on-premises?

Right now Space is only available as a Cloud installation (as a service hosted and maintained by JetBrains).

We plan to release an on-premises (standalone) version of Space, which will allow you to host your own Space instance on your hardware or in the cloud, sometime in the first half of 2022. The preliminary pricing is not yet available, and will be published later.

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do you have any information by now when the standalone version will be available ?
The cloud variant is out of the question for our company, so we are waiting with great anticipation for the standalone variant.

One more question:
If I start with the cloud version today, to get used to it, can I port everything to the standalone version later without having to start again ?

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I have the same question. Our company has strict policy about storing source code, so cloud version of the Space is not an option. Now we use GitLab (only as a git repository and merge request manager), but would love to switch to Space, because we've been using other JetBrains products for years (TeamCity for CI/CD, YouTrack for issue tracking, R#, etc).

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Hey Jetbrains Teams,

I have the same question. If I start with cloud version, would it be possible to migrate from cloud version to the standalone, inc. all data?

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Hi Sebastian Riethmueller, sure, as soon as the Standalone version is available, we'll provide a way to seamlessly migrate your Cloud Space instance to the Standalone one. Please let me know if I could be of any further help!

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Any news regarding on premise version ?

We have been waiting for months, is it really planned or do we find another concurrent solutions ?

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Need on–prem. Need on–prem. Need on–prem :) 

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sometime in 2021

- i.e. within next 9 calendar days, it will be there ?

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Hi, folks!

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting here! The on-premises public release didn't make it by the end of 2021, unfortunately, but we are already testing it in a limited closed Beta with some partners and customers. Updated the date to "first half of 2022" for now, but there is no firm commitment on the date. We are planning to invite some users from the On-premises Waiting List ( at the beginning of the year, so make sure to subscribe. It's coming very soon!

In regards to the migration - yes, we are planning to have at least Cloud -> On-premises migration flow (but it's not available in Beta yet).

Thank you!


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